Clean technologies
  • Last updated:
  • 27 Oct 2021

The Sunshine Coast has one of the highest concentrations of clean technology businesses in Queensland, developed credentials in sustainability and clean technology innovation and is home to award-winning applications and research capabilities.

The region's clean technologies include:

  • Renewable energy (solar) and energy efficiency (LED lighting)
  • Water and waste water management
  • Architecture, green building design and sustainable construction materials
  • Strong clean technologies manufacturing sector
  • Engineering and scientific consulting services
  • Ecologically sustainable waste management 

Investing in our future

Sunshine Coast Council is Australia's first mainland government at any level to offset its entire electricity consumption across all its facilities and operations from renewable energy generated at the 15MW Solar Farm.

Additionally, the new Maroochydore City Centre will be embedded with smart technology, creating a cleaner, greener, dynamic city:

  • Australia's first CBD-scale underground automated Waste Collection System
  • Energy-saving LED lights throughout the CBD

Download the Clean Technologies industry brochure[2509KB].

Key clean technology enterprise industry participants

  • Uni-Industries
  • Empyrean Lighting
  • Eniquest
  • Petawatt
  • Cleanwater Group
  • Alga Enviro
  • Ozzi Kleen Water and Waste Water
  • Duke Environmental
  • EnviroCom Australia
  • Gswitch
  • Guzu-M-Elec 
  • Waste Free Systems
  • Grenof
  • Aussie Tiny Houses
  • Quikcorp
  • [ui!] the urban institute



Case studies

The Sunshine Coast is becoming the environmental centre of the world. We enjoy a beautiful, diverse environment, dedicated staff and a network of innovative companies all striving to leave the world in a better state than how we found it.
Bob Cameron | Managing Director, ROCKCOTE[553KB]

Cleantech in action case studies: