Digital connectivity
  • Last updated:
  • 10 Oct 2021

The Sunshine Coast provides world-class, high-speed broadband at competitive rates in commercial centres in the region. Fibre optic, microwave and wireless communications are all available through a variety of carriers, allowing easy connections with international markets, suppliers and clients. The National Broadband Network also continues to expand its footprint on the Sunshine Coast, with brownfields connectivity being rolled out across the region.

From 2020, the Sunshine Coast will deliver the fastest telecommunications connection to Asia from Australia’s east coast and the second fastest to the United States through the Sunshine Coast International Broadband Network. With future-proof capacity, the new cable will increase data capacity and transmission speed, provide diversity, reduce risk and international communications costs for business and consumers.

Sunshine Coast Council is the first local government in Australia to invest in an international submarine cable which will connect to the new Gigabit Maroochydore City Centre and provide Queensland's first direct international data and telecommunications connection to global systems.

Award winning reputation

The Sunshine Coast has been recognised as one of the Top7 Intelligent Communities of 2019, sharing the global spotlight with communities from Canada, Taiwan and the United States including Chicago.

This award builds on the region’s success as one of the world's Smart21 Communities of 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019 for embracing broadband technology to deliver economic opportunities that lead to new jobs, investment and social development.

The Sunshine Coast was also recognised at the 2018 Australian Smart Cities Awards, named Leadership City winner for council’s commitment to smart cities through the Smart City Implementation Program, and Regional Leadership winner for the Sunshine Coast Solar Farm.

Smart City Implementation Program

In December 2016, Sunshine Coast Council adopted the Smart City Framework and Smart City Implementation Program which outline a rolling program of smart city solutions to be installed at key locations across the region, including public lighting, parking, community information and waste management. The new Maroochydore City Centre is being developed from the ground up as Australia's first truly smart city. 

Creating a smart and digitally connected Maroochydore City Centre was the catalyst for the Smart City Framework which, combined with the Smart City Implementation Program, is now implemented into council’s Corporate Plan.  Working ‘smarter’ will become the new ‘business as usual’ for council and the region. To find out more about the Smart City Program, download the Smart City Program Fact Sheet.

Council also continues to expand the provision of free public WiFi as part of its Smart City Framework. Free public WiFi is available in more than 45 locations, including key tourist locations and tourist parks, sporting facilities, all libraries, and Sunshine Coast Airport.