Hum Honey Cold Fusion crowned Best New Australian Made Product
  • Thursday 13 September 2018

Sunshine Coast local business Hum Honey has secured the prestigious award of Best New Australian Made product for Hum Honey COLD FUSION® at the annual Fine Food Expo held at the Melbourne Convention Centre this month. 

Sunshine Coast Council in partnership with the Food and Agribusiness Network (FAN) sponsored a ‘Flavours of the Sunshine Coast’ regional hub at the expo, with 11 local food and beverage companies, including the award winning Hum Honey.

Competing against 400 other products, Hum Honey COLD FUSION® was recognised as the most outstanding product to have launched in the food industry in the last 12 months.

Unlike standard honey production, the cold infusion process allows for the introduction of sensational flavours into the pure raw honey.

For Hum Honey, they introduced a range of flavours into the honey, including lavender, lemon myrtle, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, and even a fabulous truffle honey using Tasmania truffles.

Showcasing ground-breaking techniques and harnessing the flavours of the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Hum Honey produced a honey that was unlike any other.

Sunshine Coast Councillor Jenny McKay, whose Division 5 is home to many regional food producers, said Fine Food Australia was a world class event, and to have Hum Honey win this award was fabulous news for the region.

“Australia is one of the top ten honey producing countries in the world, with a large amount of honey produced in Australia exported to a variety of countries overseas in both bulk and retail shipments,” Cr McKay said.

“The industry has an overall estimated gross value of production (GVP) of $90 million a year, which means there are significant opportunities for businesses like Hum Honey.

“The food and agribusiness industry on the Sunshine Coast is valued at $700 million and features more than 900 companies, including some of Australia’s leading food innovators and exporters, including Hum Honey.

“With a 23% increase in the economic value of agriculture over the last decade and demand expected to grow significantly from Asian markets, the Sunshine Coast is rapidly being recognised as one of the most dynamic locations for new food, beverage and agribusiness investment in Australia.

“Our support to these companies and partnership with FAN is also vital to assist our export and employment growth and we look forward to showing the rest of Australia what’s here and our supportive business environment at Fine Food Australia.

Hum Honey founder and bee extraordinaire, Leisa Sams said to receive this award was a real honour.

“Bees are my passion, and to have the opportunity to share my love of honey with the world is so exciting,” Mrs Sams said.

“We started our boutique honey business in the Sunshine Coast hinterland and we now have the opportunity to build an international business from an idyllic location.

“Plus, it’s the perfect place for the bees. There is subtropical rainforest and open forest hardwoods - the bees are in paradise!

“My bees are never treated with any chemicals, pesticides or antibiotics and only organic, natural beekeeping methods are used.

“I am proud to bring you pure, raw honey; straight from the bees to you.

“I try to capture the flavours of the Sunshine Coast in every jar and I think this is one of reasons why we won!”

FAN General Manager Emma Greenhatch said Fine Food Australia was a key event on the calendar that gave producers a valuable opportunity to connect directly with thousands of buyers and to promote the diverse range of quality products produced in our region.

“FAN is delighted to be partnering with Sunshine Coast Council and to see Hum Honey win the best new product award is testament to the value this type of event provides,” Ms Greenhatch said.

“There is so much amazing produce coming from the region. It’s an exciting time to be in business on the Sunshine Coast.”

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Image - Hum Honey founder and bee extraordinaire, Leisa Sams.