Relocation Guide
  • Last updated:
  • 31 Aug 2021

The Sunshine Coast is famous for its superb natural environment and healthy, smart communities, finding the perfect balance between work and lifestyle. Moving to a new location is always an exciting yet challenging experience. So to make it a little easier, council has created a relocation guide to assist with the fundamental information required prior to taking the next step. The Sunshine Coast is home to over 320,000 people and is to increase to just under 500,000 by 2036 - this could be you!

The relocation guide will provide you with general information on these topics:

  • Seasonal temperature and the natural environment
  • Utilities such as water, gas, electricity and telecommunications
  • A comprehensive map of enterprise within the Sunshine Coast
  • Information about the quality workforce and education sectors
  • Healthcare services including the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital
  • Road, rail and air logistics
  • Arts and entertainment
  • Shopping facilities and dining experiences
  • Local beaches and surf safety
  • Information about getting in touch with local council
  • Connections to the Sunshine Coast Business Community, including the chamber of commerce's and industry bodies

Download the relocation guide[3589KB].

If you require assistance establishing or relocating a business on the Sunshine Coast, Sunshine Coast Council can offer a range of free investment facilitation services. Contact the Head of Investment Attraction on +61 407 753 645 or email