Government Incentives and Assistance
  • Last updated:
  • 10 Aug 2018

Both Sunshine Coast Council and the Queensland Government provide personal assistance and professional services to help navigate government requirements and streamline access to new investment and business development opportunities.

Sunshine Coast Council

The Sunshine Coast Council provides a range of specialist services to support local, national and international business, and to encourage new investment across the region.

Support services for business and investors

A single entry point for service

Providing an interface with all council departments and connections with key federal and state government bodies to pursue necessary approvals, as well as provide introductions and access to networks with industry groups and professionals, potential suppliers, supply chain contacts and education and training providers. 

Business case development support  Providing tailored packages of comparative information to assist client investment decisions.  
Trade and investment delegations  Providing access to trade and investment delegations and opportunities to access international connections and key international market information. 
Customised site selection assistance  Offering preliminary analysis of potential site options, facilitation of site visits and contact with key commercial agents, and specialist relocation advice. 
Incentives and assistance  Available to eligible applicants to enable projects to commence sooner and help offset various expansion, establishment or relocation costs.  

Dedicated business facilitation services

The Sunshine Coast Council provides a single entry point for all business investment enquiries and proposals. A dedicated Industry Investment Facilitator will work with clients on a one-on-one basis to help bring their investment to market sooner and more efficiently.

A dedicated team of professionals will work with investors to manage and understand their needs, facilitate clear communication between stakeholders, obtain timely responses from areas across council and other levels of government, and provide an ongoing support service once a business is established in the region.

For certain employment creation projects, financial incentives may be available to eligible applicants under the Sunshine Coast Investment Incentive Scheme. Incentives may include cash payments, deferral of rates, and/or deferral of infrastructure charges to help offset various establishment costs. Applications for such incentives are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Lower development fees and charges

The Sunshine Coast Council offers highly competitive development costs. Lower fees and charges apply for code assessable developments, which include detached houses, multi-swelling units, hotels, restaurants, medical centers, retail shops and others. 

Total code assessable development fees and charges (i.e. development applications that are not subject to public notification or third party appeals) are generally below other comparable South East Queensland regions.

An online calculator is available to provide quick and easy estimates of development application fees and charges at

Pre-lodgement advice

Council offers pre-lodgement and pre-design advice services for specific land sites, future development proposals and preparing development applications. 

These free services aim to help clients to:

  • identify relevant referral agencies, legislative and planning scheme requirements
  • understand assessment processes and clarify timeframes
  • meet engineering, environmental and landscaping assessment officers before submitting an application for operational works.

Faster assessment

Council is committed to delivering a quality and efficient service to support business investment. Almost 95% of development approvals are being assessed within regulatory timeframes, with the majority being completed within the first 20 business days.

A range of low-risk, code assessable development applications are eligible for fast-tracking. These applications can range from low-impact industry to offices and warehouses in appropriately designated areas. These fast-track assessments are usually completed within 10 business days from the start of the decision-making period. 

Development incentives

Rebates - from 1 July 2016, a rebate of 25% of the fees paid at the lodgement of a development application can be sought if the work commences within two years from the date of approval and is for one of the following uses under the region's planning scheme:

  • Rural - agriculture, environment facility, roadside stall, winery
  • Tourism - nature based, short-term accommodation (5-star or better facility), art and craft center shop in a rural zone, tourist attraction in a rual zone
  • Health Care Services - residential care facility (high care).

Infill Development Incentives Policy - The new infill Development Incentives Policy is aimed at encouraging developers to invest in infill development sites in the centers of Nambour and Caloundra. The joint Council and Unitywater initiative offers a 50% reduction on council infrastructure charges for targeted developments in central Nambour and Caloundra, built to a deadline and where spare network capacity exists. 

Planning and property information

A Development Information Site report is available at no cost through the Sunshine Coast Council's website. It provides access to town planning and property information to assist in analysing investment options and making development decisions. To view the full report, please view the Development Information Site Report here.

Council's website also has information on development activity, economic profiling as well as population and demographic reports. These free reports allow users to gather information to identify the most suitable Sunshine Coast locations for their business. You can find these statistics and maps here.

Contact or further information and assistance

Head of Investment Attraction
Sunshine Coast Council
Phone: +61 407 753 645

Queensland Government

The Queensland Government provides investors with project attraction and facilitation services through the Department of State Development. The department can assist business and industry proponents by providing professional support and case management services. 

Case management services include: 

  • streamlining of approvals and access to Queensland Government contacts
  • negotiating across government agencies to resolve investment issues
  • providing site-specific assistance and a range of other services including cultural heritage and native title matters

Contact for further information and assistance

Case Management Support, Department of State Development
Queensland Government
Phone: +617 3452 7100
Queensland State Development Case Management