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  • 17 Dec 2020


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Export = Opportunity

Exporting is an exciting, dynamic activity that can open significant opportunities for Sunshine Coast businesses to grow and profit.

The Sunshine Coast Regional Economic Development Strategy 2013-2033 identified local to global connections as a critical pathway to position the region in key national and global markets as a competitive source of high-demand goods and services.

Engaging with these markets has the potential to strengthen business resilience, generate wealth and lead to new employment opportunities for our local community.

The Local-to-Global Connections 2019-2033 pathway plan outlines key areas of activity to support local businesses to respond and adapt to market change and opportunity.


IP Law and Trade Mark Workshop series 2020

Sunshine Coast Council has received great feedback from the series of four workshops held virtually in 2020.

Due to the overall success and comments we will be running the series again commencing March - June 2021 to help protect businesses already exporting and broaden the capabilities of new businesses looking to export nationally and/or internationally.

If you have missed the past workshops, please feel free to view information on the facilitator and the fact sheet to see what has been discussed. More information on the links below: 

Further details for the upcoming workshops will be available in 2021. If you have any other topics of interest you would like to hear more about, please contact export@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au to discuss further.

Grow your export capabilities

Sunshine Coast Council encourages business owners and leaders to consider exporting nationally and internationally as a pathway for increased success.

  • Local workers benefit through the creation of new jobs, while export businesses outperform non-exporting businesses across wages, staff development and employment conditions.
  • Exporters are also more innovative and adopt new technologies and management practices more rapidly than non-exporters.


The Sunshine Coast is home to thousands of innovative businesses. These businesses benefit from higher than national economic growth, lowest payroll taxes and affordable commercial leasing and industrial land prices. Sunshine Coast Council encourages business owners and leaders to consider exporting nationally and internationally as a pathway for increased success.

Sunshine Coast Export Network

Council delivers training programs, industry news, resources and networking events with experts for businesses wanting to export both domestically and internationally.

Connect with export-oriented businesses and consultants on council’s LinkedIn Export Group. Share tips, contacts, resources, experiences and post your questions to the group.

Join the Sunshine Coast Export LinkedIn Network.

Generating export-ready businesses and market responsive industries will continue to better enable our businesses to respond successfully to domestic and global demand.

Premier of Queensland Export Awards

Since 2015 Sunshine Coast Council has sponsored the Premier of Queensland Export Awards and hosts a number of local companies at the awards ceremony in Brisbane.

2019 Premier of Qld Export Awards

2019 Premier of Qld Export Awards

Success stories

HeliMods services the global helicopter market from its world class, purpose-built facility at Caloundra Aerodrome, transforming helicopters to take on special missions like firefighting, law enforcement, and medical rescue. The company has been showcased by the Australian Government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade as a case study, demonstrating its success in global export and trade.

  • 2019 Premier of Queensland Export Awards – Regional export winner
  • 2019 Sunshine Coast Business Awards – Hall of Fame inductee
  • 2018 Telstra Business Awards – Queensland Business of the Year

Concept Laboratories is a family owned and operated manufacturer of topical skin care products, industrial cleaners and cosmetics providing sustainable, efficient and tailored solutions for many leading multi-national brands both locally and internationally.

  • 2019 Sunshine Coast Business Awards - Export winner

Benefits of exporting

  • Give businesses access to new sources of revenue leading to increased profit and return on investment
  • Reduce risk through an expanded customer network, larger market size, greater sales opportunities, reduced seasonal fluctuations and geographical diversity
  • Strengthen competitive edge leading to growth and long-term expansion
  • Inspire and help businesses to recruit better staff

The Sunshine Coast Regional Economic Development Strategy is well on its way to achieving four clear goals:

  • A$33 billion economy
  • 100,000 new jobs in high value industries
  • 20% of goods and services produced for export
  • Household incomes that exceed the Queensland average 

For more information about exporting call 0439 716 086 or email: export@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au