Knowledge industries and professional services
  • Last updated:
  • 17 Nov 2020

The Sunshine Coast is home to many innovative, knowledge-based businesses and is regarded as a national hub for entrepreneurs. 

The industry currently provides approximately 21,479 jobs on the Sunshine Coast, with employment growth in managerial and professional services expected to exceed 135% over the next 20 years.

The region is rapidly growing a reputation for digital innovation, well supported by a strong entrepreneurial, collaborative and increasingly digitally oriented ecosystem. There is also substantial investment in co-working centres, maker spaces and business accelerators to drive the growth in new businesses and the professional services and knowledge industry across the region.

The region is already home to a wide range of businesses which are leaders in their field. Youi, one of the fastest growing general insurance companies in Australia, has based its global headquarters on the Sunshine Coast. The region also hosts one of Stellar Asia Pacific’s fastest growing service centres, which currently employs more than 480 staff.

“… the Sunshine Coast stands apart from its peer cities as a place with a history of entrepreneurship and innovation” 
Bernard Salt | Leading Australian demographer and social commentator

Key knowledge industry and professional services enterprises on the Sunshine Coast include:

  • Youi Insurance
  • Stellar Asia Pacific
  • Poole Accounting
  • The Hive
  • Schoolzine
  • Retail Express
  • Eye OnIT
  • Auto and General
  • 4 Ingredients
  • Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast
  • Huddle Insurance 
  • Alkira Software
  • Entag
  • Preventum Group
  • BDO
  • ANZ
  • Telstra
  • ID Care
  • Typefi
  • WOTSO Workspace
  • SunRamp

Why establish a professional business on the Sunshine Coast?

  • Commercial office accommodation rental costs are almost 40% lower than Brisbane, 70% lower than Sydney and 43% lower than Melbourne.
  • High speed broadband is available, and many areas have already been connected to the National Broadband Network. 
  • The region has a large and highly talented pool of workers with skills across a number of areas and industries.
  • The region has lower workforce costs (average weekly wages and employee insurance rates) than New South Wales and Victoria, the lowest basic flat payroll tax rate of any Australian state or territory. Total taxation in 2016-17 estimated at A$766 less per person than the average of any state or territory. 
  • The region has access to various education and research hubs including the University of the Sunshine Coast and the Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast.

For more information about the industry, please download the Knowledge and Professional Services brochure.[659KB]

Case studies

Youi Insurance[357KB]

The Sunshine Coast has provided Youi with a skilled and motivated workforce that has assisted us greatly in achieving our business objectives.

Danie Matthee | CEO, Youi

Stellar Asia Pacific[278KB]

Sunshine Coast is an ideal location for organisations requiring well-educated and motivated employees. The ease of travel, great lifestyle, affordable cost of living and excellent infrastructure, combined with proximity to Brisbane tick all the boxes for Stellar.

Melissa Hamilton | CEO, Stellar Asia Pacific