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The Sunshine Coast’s economy has doubled in size in the last decade, with a Gross Regional Product of approximately $12 billion and is continuing to grow notwithstanding the challenging global economic conditions. The Sunshine Coast economy is home to over 28,000 registered businesses across a range of industry sectors (economy.id 2014).

The Sunshine Coast has a well established foundation in the tourism, retail and construction sectors. With a strong focus on strengthening the region’s economy, the Sunshine Coast has experienced business growth in recent years in financial and insurance services; professional, scientific and technical services; health care and social assistance; and education and training – with these sectors now collectively comprising nearly 25% of all businesses in the region.

Growth in the Sunshine Coast is set to continue, making the region one of the most dynamic and innovative investment prospects in Australia. With a population of 272,417 people (ABS 2012) and projected to increase substantially in the next two decades, the Sunshine Coast has an ever growing local workforce to meet the needs of new business and industry.

Sunshine Coast Council is delivering ideal planning conditions for the core economic heart of the region. The Sunshine Coast Enterprise Corridor – stretching primarily along the coastal strip from north of the Sunshine Coast Airport to Caloundra South and bounded to the west by the Bruce Highway – will represent the key area for commercial and residential growth over the next 20 years and provide the location for many of the high-valued industries to establish, expand and mature.

 Population  272,417 (ABS 2012, economy.id 2014)
 Gross Regional Product (GRP)  $12 billion
 Area  2,200 sq km
 Time Zone  UTC + 10 hours
 Major urban centres  Maroochydore, Caloundra, Nambour

Source: ABS 2012; NEIR 2012; economy.id 2014

More information is available at Sunshine Coast Council area Economic ProfileLink exits to another website .


Last Updated 27-Mar-14


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