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Growing Economy

The Sunshine Coast economy has doubled in size in the last decade, with a current Gross Regional Product of more than A$13 billion. The economy is predicted to grow in a strong and sustainable pattern over the next 20 years to reach A$33 billion in 2033, accompanied by an increase in high-value employment, export and household income.

  1. A Growth Economy

The Sunshine Coast was the highest growing regional economy in Queensland between 2000-01 and 2010-11 (Queensland Government 2013). The average annual economic growth of the Sunshine Coast from 2001-2013 (4.05% per annum) compared with other major global economies (International Monetary Fund, October 2013) demonstrates the region’s economic strength and resilience. Economic growth on the Sunshine Coast surpassed the Australian average annual growth by 1% per annum over this period.

  1. Regional Economic Strategy

A clear economic blueprint for the Sunshine Coast over the next 20 years has been developed by the Sunshine Coast Council and leading business, industry and university representatives.

Sunshine Coast - The Natural Advantage: Regional Economic Development Strategy 2013-2033 is designed to drive economic growth and sets four goals for the region over the next 20 years The strategy’s goals are supported by an initial five-year implementation plan focused on outcome-based actions, to provide the foundations to generate sustained regional economic growth and associated investment returns. The strategy can be accessed online.


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