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Growth Economy

The Sunshine Coast is located just over an hour (by road) north of the state capital Brisbane and covers an area of approximately 2,291 square kilometres and 52.3 kilometres of open coastline. The region features designated commercial, residential and industrial precincts as well as diverse landscapes from ocean beaches to green belts and pristine hinterland communities.

Positioned on the doorstep of Asia and the Pacific Rim, the region is well connected to national and international markets through its major transport networks - the Bruce Highway, the national rail network and the Sunshine Coast Airport - and is close to Brisbane airports and the Port of Brisbane.

A growth economy


Economic growth

A gross regional product of over $13 billion – twice what it was a decade ago and now one of the largest regional economies in Queensland.

An average annual economic growth rate of 4.05% from 2001-2013 – higher than the national economic growth rate of 3.08% (International Monetary Fund 2013 and NIEIR 2014). 

Population growth

Population growth of 10.1% over the five-year period between 2008 and 2013 – higher than the national growth rate of 8.7%

Fourth largest region outside the state capital by resident population (.id, national data 2013) and 10th largest significant urban area in Australia by population (.id, 2014).

Business confidence

More than 30,000 registered businesses.

Highest level of business confidence of any region in Queensland (Westpac pulse survey, 2014), with 56% of businesses expecting an increase in profitability in 2015 (Sunshine Coast business survey, November 2014). 

Tourism expenditure and visitation

Highest growth in international visitors (9.4%) of any Queensland region in the year ending September 2014 (international visitor survey).

More than $2.5 billion in overall direct visitor expenditure (tourism and events Queensland, 2014).


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